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Vanilla Cream Café


Served until 11.30am…Please order and pay at the Counter

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough $13.95 (V) (VG)

With Cherry Tomatoes, Fetta and Balsamic Glaze


Egg and Bacon Roll $9.95

Your choice of Tomato Chilli Relish or Smoky BBQ Sauce on a Damper Roll


Eggs on Toast $9.95 (V)

Your choice of Scrambled, Fried or Poached on Sourdough

* Add Bacon $3.00


Roasted Granola $14.95 (V)

Our Homemade Granola served with Greek Yoghurt and Fruit


Buttermilk Pancakes $15.95 (V)

Two Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Chantilly Cream, and Berry Compote


French Toast $14.95 (V)

Served with Ice Cream, Cinnamon and Maple Syrup


Breakfast Bruschetta $16.95 (V)

Traditional Bruschetta with Avocado, Halloumi, Balsamic Glaze on Sourdough

*Add Two Poached Eggs $4.00


Baked Corn Fritters $16.95 (V)

With Avocado, Tomato Salsa and Mushrooms

Gluten Free Available

*Add Two Poached Eggs $4.00 (V)


Breakfast Burger $15.95

Bacon, Fried Egg, Hash Brown, Cheese, Tomato Chilli Relish, Spinach on a Milk Bun


Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin with Hollandaise

*With Ham off the Bone, Bacon or Smoked Salmon $18.95


Breakfast Platter $22.95

Bacon, Eggs, Sausage, Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, Hash Brown and Sourdough


Toast $4.95

White, Turkish, Sourdough or Gluten Free

Two Slices with your choice of Jam, Vegemite, Peanut Butter or Nutella


Two Slices of Raisin Toast $5.95


Banana Bread $5.95

Pear and Raspberry Bread $5.95

Mango and Coconut Bread $5.95

Chia and Coconut Vegan Bread $5.95 (VG (GF)


Add Ons-

Hash Brown $3, Grilled Mushrooms $3, Eggs $2 ea, Smoked Salmon $5, Sausages $4, Avocado $3, Halloumi $3, Bacon $3, Cheese $1, Pineapple $1



Kids Breakfast

Buttermilk Pancake


One Pancake with Maple Syrup and Banana

Ham & Cheese Toasted Sandwich $5.00